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First Step

One of the first steps you should do is contact me and set up an in person appointment. We need to get to know each other. I can explain the buying process in Northern Colorado and find out what you are looking for. As your Agent I will advocate for your best interests. In order to do this we need to connect. We can meet at my office or your current home. Contact Me to get started.

Searching for a home

During our initial meeting I will set up a search for you directly in the MLS. This search, called "MySite", will be your source for the most accurate, up to date information you can get. Other websites are generally out of date and do not show all the info. Resulting in a lot of wasted time looking at properties that are no longer available. Of course you can continue to use this website to browse around.

Search for homes

Just remember: Browsing the listings for months is one way search out the deals, but weighing the investment potential of each property can be difficult. You also continue to loose buying power the longer you wait in an appreciating market.


I can not stress how important it is to work with a good, local lender. Before you go out looking at homes you need to take this step and get pre approved for a loan. Pre Approval means you have gone through initial under writing. There is also pre qualified and we do not want this. It is a quick look at mostly stated information. You need to submit documents and have your credit pulled.

I cannot count the number of times I have had clients ignore me on this and miss out on their Dream Home because they were not prepared and someone else scooped it up. You can use any lender you see fit. I can provide a list of my preferred lenders that I have worked with before and know will do a great job for you.

Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent

Yes there is a difference. I am a Realtor. Which means I am a member of the National Association of Realtors. Realtors are held to a higher standard of ethics and professionalism. On top of that NAR is one of the biggest lobbiers on Capital Hill. Realtors advocate for Home Owner rights and spend a tremendous amount of time and money protecting our best interests.

New Construction

Many people think not having an agent represent them in New Construction will save money. This is false. First thing to understand is when you walk into a model home the representative is for the builder. Not for you. It is important to have someone to watch your side of the transaction and have your best interests in mind.

Builders will not reduce the price of a home because you are unrepresented. The commissions are built into the price of the home and you will pay that amount whether a Realtor is involved or not. Also a builder will not want a reduced price home out there. This becomes a comparable property for an appraiser and hurts the builders price point moving forward.

Bottom line you will not pay less, so let me work for you and protect your interests. Always bring me along anytime you want to look at new construction or at the very least, let the sales rep know you are working with me.

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